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NOTA Conference 2018 Keynote Speakers

Keynote 1 - Maree Crabbe -  Wednesday 9.30am

Director, Reality and Risk : Pornography, young people and sexuality

Maree Crabbe is coordinator of the Australian violence prevention project, Reality & Risk: Pornography, young people and sexuality. She is co-producer of the broadcast documentary films Love and Sex in an Age of Pornography and The Porn Factor, and author of In The Picture, a secondary school resource addressing the influence of explicit sexual imagery. Maree has worked with young people – and on issues affecting young people – for over 20 years. She has developed and delivered programs focusing on sexual violence prevention, pornography, sexual diversity and prevention of STIs. Maree’s contributions to public conversations about young people, sexuality and pornography include interviews on television and radio, and articles in online and print media.


Keynote 2 - Dr Jamie Yoder - Wednesday 11.00am

Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, Colorado State University

Jamie Yoder, PhD, MSW is an Assistant Professor of Social Work at Colorado State University. Dr. Yoder’s research interests span etiology, prevention initiatives, and equitable and effective intervention strategies for youth with sexual and non-sexual behaviour problems. She particularly focuses on early life victimization, attachment, and familial relationships as developmental pathways to youth offending. She also researches the mitigating effects of family oriented and strengths based prevention and intervention approaches. Dr. Yoder’s scholarship record exemplifies her dedication to advancing theory, practice, and policy in the delinquency and sexual abuse fields. Dr. Yoder has been a lead author and has co-authored many peer-reviewed articles related to these topics. She is involved in various state, national, and international projects examining correlates and effective treatment approaches for youth sexual and non-sexual offenders. Dr. Yoder’s research interests have been inspired by her vast clinical experience working with youth and families involved in multiple systems including child welfare, juvenile justice, and mental health.


Keynote 3 - Dr Rajan Darjee - Thursday 9.30am

Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist

Raj has worked in forensic psychiatry for about 20 years primarily as a clinician, but also as a researcher, writer, trainer, consultant, expert witness, clinical leader and service developer. His main area of specialism and expertise is sexual offending, particularly complex and high risk offenders with paraphilias and/or personality disorders. He recently relocated from Edinburgh, Scotland to Melbourne, Australia. His current research is on sexual homicide, legally adjudicated high risk sex offenders, sexual offender risk assessment, and child exploitation material offenders. He was formerly the chair of the Scotland Branch of NOTA.


Keynote 4 - Dr Lisa Reynolds -  Thursday 11.00am

Lead GG&C NHS Psychological Trauma Service

Dr Lisa Reynolds completed both her MA (Hons) Psychology and D.Clin.Psych at the University of Glasgow. She started working within GG&C NHS Addiction Service offering psychological assessment, formulation and treatment to in- patient, community and out patient populations. Her initial posts focussed on vulnerable groups including the homeless population and Female offenders. She is one of the lead authors on an evidence based relapse prevention programme ‘Taking Control’. Strategically and operationally she developed a multi agency psychology service for people with substance misuse difficulties.

Through this work she developed an interest and enthusiasm in working with survivors of trauma, specifically survivors of complex trauma who had multiple layers of inequality. She moved into the Trauma Service within GG&C NHS in 2008 when she took up the position of Consultant Clinical Psychologist / Team Lead for the Trauma and Homelessness Team. She represented mental health on Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS Gender Based Violence Action Plan and was instrumental in the training of others in this.

In 2013 she took over as Head of GG&C Psychological Trauma Service and in the last year has finalised a restructuring of this service, consolidating homeless, asylum seekers/ refugee, trafficking , childhood sexual abuse, major incident and female offending strands of the service . Dr Reynolds has contributed to female offending, in care survivors and major incident local and national strategies. She was responsible for the Health Boards psychological response following the Clutha and George Square Major Incidents. She lives in Glasgow.


Keynote 5 - Jessica Eaton - Friday 9.30am

Author and doctoral researcher, victim focus and the Eaton Foundation

Jessica Eaton is the founder and owner of VictimFocus, the VictimFocus Blog and The Eaton Foundation. VictimFocus is her independent business providing research, consultancy, writing and speaking in forensic psychology, feminism and mental health in the UK, US and AUS. The VictimFocus Blog has over 30,000 readers per month and provides a lively, funny and critical perspective on CSE, victim blaming and sexual violence. The Eaton Foundation is a registered charity providing free, holistic mental health and wellbeing support to men over 18 years old and Jessica set up the first male mental health centre in the UK in 2015. She currently works to change the field of sexual violence by challenging victim blaming, victim stereotyping and the pathologisation of abuse victims.

Currently at the Centre for Criminological and Forensic Psychology at the University of Birmingham as a Doctoral Researcher submitting a PhD in Forensic Psychology, Jessica specialises in the way women and girls are socialised to be blamed when they experience sexual harassment, assault or abuse and are encouraged to blame themselves. Victim blaming, self-blame and revictimisation are Jessica's passion.


Keynote 6 - Dr. Beth Weaver - Friday 10.15am

Senior Lecturer in the Department of Social Work and Social Policy, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

Dr Beth Weaver is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Social Work and Social Policy, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. She is an experienced researcher in the field of criminology and criminal justice social work. She has conducted research across a range of areas of enquiry. She is currently involved with an ESRC funded study Co-producing Desistance from crime: The role of social cooperative structures of employment  ( in addition to leading on various research studies exploring when and how different co-productive approaches and related social innovations can support desistance and social innovation. Beth is actively engaged in a number of research networks, research projects and knowledge exchange activities with specific interests in desistance, user involvement and co-production and the use of through-the-prison-gate social cooperative structures of employment. All of her research has an applied focus on penal reform. Beth has also published widely on a range of subjects relating to criminal justice policies, practices, and research and in particular, on the subject of desistance from crime. Her book Offending and Desistance: The Significance of Social Relationspublished in July 2015 was awarded the British Society of Criminology Book Prize in 2016 and is available from Routledge.


Keynote 7 - Martin Henry DSW, CQSW, M.Phil. - Friday 11.20am

Martin qualified in Social Work in 1974 and across a career spanning over 45 years has focussed mainly on the protection of young people in families and in communities.

He worked as a practitioner and manager within Children and Families Services until 1992 before co-ordinating child protection training and development across Lothian and Borders. He then worked for the Child Protection Committees until 2003 when he became Executive Officer for Edinburgh Lothian and Borders Child Protection Office. Throughout this period he maintained an interest in direct work with young people (particularly young men) who had experienced sexual abuse and in forensic interviewing of child witnesses.

In 2008 he was employed by the Lucy Faithfull Foundation to establish and oversee Stop it Now Scotland as National Manager. His practice base shifted to assessment and work with men with problematic sexual thinking and behaviour online. 

Martin was awarded a Master of Philosophy Degree in Child Protection Studies at the University of Dundee in 1993.

He became an Independent Consultant in Public Protection in early 2017. In February 2017 he was appointed Lead of the Independent Review of Sexual Abuse in Scottish Football.


Keynote 8 - Alex Renton - Friday 12.05pm

Journalist and author of "Stiff Upper Lip"

Alex Renton is a journalist who has spent four years investigating historic cases of abuse at boarding schools, private and state-funded, including the two that he attended. This work has been based on more than 1200 testimonies given to Alex by survivors of physical, sexual and psychological abuse as children, as well as interviews with and journalistic investigations into offenders as well as managers of schools that failed to safeguard properly.

Alex's book Stiff Upper Lip: Secrets, Crimes and the Schooling of a Ruling Class was published in 2017, and an ITV documentary on sexual abuse at boarding schools - Secret Shame - which he presented was broadcast in February 2018.

Links if you want them - Exposure - Boarding Schools: The Secret Shame (ITV film, 55 minutes, first broadcast Feb 2018) -

Stiff Upper Lip (published April 2017, Orion)