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Policy and Practice Committee volunteers

 The NOTA Policy and Practice Committee is looking for volunteers. Do you think you can help?

The committee meets by conference call once every two months. The group:

• assists in the development of NOTA policy, including drafting policy documents relating to key aspects of sex offender work;
• promotes 'good practice' both within the organisation and externally; and
• assists NOTA in positively influencing the wider policy response to sex offenders. This includes the formulation of formal responses to proposed government legislation, guidance and consultation papers, etc.

We are looking for a wide range of individuals from diverse professional backgrounds with varied interests to contribute to the work of the group.

If you are interested, could you send an email to with a couple of paragraphs about your professional background and what you think might be able to contribute the group (even if it’s just enthusiasm and a willingness to help out!). Depending on the level of response we may consider whether we also establish a policy / practice reference group that meets less often and has an advisory role with respect to the sub-committee. Closing date is 9th June 2017.

Stuart Allardyce
National Manager
Stop It Now Scotland

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Tel: 0131 556 3535

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