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NOTA Research Grant 2016-17

Dear NOTA members and prospective applicants for the NOTA Research Grant Scheme 

The NOTA Board and its Research Committee is pleased to invite applications for Research Project funding. Detailed guidelines and an application form may be found on the Resources pages of the NOTA website.  Careful reading of the Guidance is encouraged. 

  1. Applications are invited from practitioners, academic colleagues and students (MSc and doctoral levels). Applications from students will be considered separately from those for other applicants, and will be limited to a maximum of £1000, though the expectation is that most applications from students would be for considerably less (perhaps £500). Applicants for the Scheme should be NOTA members; this does not preclude non-members from applying to the Scheme, but in order to be eligible for funding, any non-member deemed by the Committee to be a worthy recipient of funding, would be obliged to join NOTA prior to being able to access any funds to support the proposed work.

The maximum level of funding for which other applicants might apply is £4000, though if no student awards are made, this might be increased to £5000. 

For this round of the scheme, the Committee and Board have approved two themes; projects must be aligned with one or both of these themes:

  1. Evidence and criteria for the Effectiveness of Existing Treatment Interventions
  2. Prevention and Innovative Practice in the treatment of Sexual Abusers
  1. The requirement, introduced in 2015, for a named practitioner to be identified in the application has been relaxed, though this remains a firm recommendation. There is now also a requirement for a more substantial impact statement to be included in the application, outlining how the proposed work will either benefit NOTA members directly, or support NOTA’s charitable objectives.

The closing date for applications is 28th July 2017; applications should be sent with any relevant supporting documentation to The Research Committee members will independently review all applications using a common scoring system, and meet to select successful applications in August 2017. Successful candidates will be notified by e-mail later in August or early in September 2017. Successful applicants will be strongly encouraged to present their project findings at the next suitable NOTA Annual Conference. All applicants, successful or otherwise will be provided with feedback on their applications. 

The guidelines and the application form have been updated in order to provide more explicit guidance, and support, particularly for those unfamiliar with research funding application processes. Enquiries about the scheme may be sent to

The Research Committee would like to emphasise that careful reading of the Guidelines is likely to make for applications with a greater probability of success. 

We look forward to receiving your applications. 

Prof Mitch Waterman,
Chair, Research Committee, on behalf of the Committee and NOTA Board


Research Grant Guidance


Research Grant Application